"The greatest invention since the high five."

Thanks, Bro is a beer-and-beef-jerky delivery service: it just might be the best business plan we've ever heard. – NYLON Guys Magazine

Our Mission: To banish the oppressive stigma of bro-on-bro gifting.

Thanks, Bro is a nationwide gift delivery service that lets you say thanks without having to stoop to sending fruit, flowers or candy. By the power of Grayskull, we grant you the freedom to have beef jerky and beer show up at your bro or bro-ette's pad or workplace in a gift context – which means you can say thanks over long distances without having to endure the emasculation of saying thanks like a sissy.

You're welcome, bro.

A sample Thanks, Bro gift pack - click here to view some options on our prix fixe menu, bro.

A sample Thanks, Bro gift arrangement. Pictured are both sides of the obnoxious shipping envelope, two bags of mouth-watering jerky, some beer money (a prepaid credit card valid anywhere that accepts major credit cards), an unopened wax pack of 1990 Topps football cards, a "Please Jerk Responsibly" wristband, and a sandpaper-stock hand-scrawled thank you (or whatever the occasion may be) note.

Click on the '$' to head over the jerk store and start thanking your bro, bro.